Mobilizing Generosity 

to Support Education

About Us

Since 1997, the St. Louis Public Schools Foundation has existed to mobilize the community’s generosity and to support the amazing educators and students within the Saint Louis Public Schools. Over the years, we’ve provided schools with more than $20 million in resources.

The St. Louis Public Schools Foundation is the District’s strategy partner with the unique mission of dedicating 100% of its funds and efforts to District strategy. The Foundation works closely with the Saint Louis Public Schools Superintendent, District leadership, and schools to ensure that the community’s resources support District priorities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the St. Louis Public Schools Foundation is to engage and focus local, regional and national support to promote educational success for St. Louis Public School District students.

The SLPS Foundation achieves its mission by:

  1. Building great partnerships and community support – from individuals, to nonprofit partners, to funders – for the St. Louis Public Schools students
  2. Cultivating donations and other resources to support strategic priorities that help students, schools and teachers in the District
  3. Stewarding corporate and private donations for scholarships and strategic priorities
  4. Investing private dollars in the District to support four strategic priorities:
    • Early Childhood Education
    • College and Career Readiness
    • Great Leaders
    • Student Wellbeing

Operating Principles

To ensure program integrity and good stewardship, the Foundation:

  1. Focuses on strategic areas identified by district leadership, educators, and students as key levers for facilitating student success;
  2. Invites investment only in evidence-based programs that have buy-in from both the District and School level and for which there is a clear evaluation plan;
  3. Demonstrates fiscal responsibility and high-level transparency.


  • “We have a tremendously diverse, resourceful and resilient student body. We just strive to give them an equal playing field. We want the same opportunities. The SLPS Foundation exists to bridge the gap that is ever widening between students from different socio-economic classes.”

    Jane Donahue President of SLPS Foundation
  • We want our students to walk into environments that spark imagination and confidence."

    Clarissa Ross SLPS Early Childhood Education Coordinator
  • “If we can put an excellent principal in every one of our schools, we can really accelerate progress.”

    Dr. Kelvin R. Adams Superintendent, St. Louis Public School District
  • “When I first started the program, students segregated themselves by high school, but we’ve come together as a family…we’ve formed study groups, shared advice, and most importantly, passed Calculus!  The Early College Academy has been the highlight of my high school experience.”

    Arric Lucas SLPS graduate
  • “We know our kids come from poverty and violence. Added to the normal stresses of family life these kids deal with unpredictable relocation, audible gunfire, and/or violent crime. They need to learn coping skills to work through the stress and trauma they face everyday, so they can succeed in college and in life.”

    Krista Germann Northwest’s Social Justice Council’s Advisor and Social Studies Teacher
  • “Saint Louis Public Schools’ primary mission is to educate our students………. but we know they need to be healthy to learn.”

    Dr. Kelvin R. Adams Superintendent, St. Louis Public School District
  • “We keep striving to make sure all of our students have the preparation and adult guidance they need to create their own path forward.”

    Dr. Beth Bender Associate Superintendent of College and Career Readiness

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