During this unprecedented time, the SLPS Foundation is grateful to those who have reached out to ask how they can help St. Louis students. Your contribution will support St. Louis students in five ways:

  1. We’re going 1:1. Every student must have both a device and Wi-Fi connectivity to be successful remotely.
  2. We’re prioritizing the health and well-being of students and staff.SLPS Foundation will continue to work with partners to support the District’s expansion of mental health services for students.
  3. We’re investing in trauma-informed practice for security personnel and staff.Trauma awareness training will focus on the impact of trauma, de-escalation strategies, understanding behavior as communication, vicarious trauma, and self-care.
  4. We’re supporting a new approach to student learning. The Foundation is supporting a new position within SLPS, the Director of Virtual Learning, to lead the District’s work to execute a Blending Learning approach, supporting student-centered learning in a flexible environment.
  5. We’re continuing to feed families.We know that many families will need extra support during these challenging times. One of the most immediate needs is food.  The District has been leveraging federal dollars that cover the costs of food for children, private donations to SLPS Foundation will cover the cost of feeding adults in the family.

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