Why I Need Your Vote

My knowledge and experience in business and my previous involvement as a member of the shared decision-making process in the District, uniquely qualifies me to provide responsive leadership on the Board of Education for the City of St. Louis. My last eight years on the Board, five being in leadership positions as President and Vice President has  insured that student achievement remains our highest priority by working collaboratively with parents, teachers, staff and community partners.  I believe in high academic standards and school accountability.   I will work hard to ensure that our school district continues to improve test scores and that every dollar benefits our children’s education to ensure their individual learning.  I will continue the Board’s vision of ensuring all children of the St. Louis Public Schools receive a quality education.  I will continue to work to expand our public and private partnerships and to promote technology based education.  As YOUR School Board member, I will work tirelessly to make sure that our children receive the academic skills and training necessary to prepare them for today’s competitive job market and to enter college.

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