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of St. Louis Public Schools


The SLPS Foundation has been working alongside the District since 1997 to ensure students have equitable access to the resources they need to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

A just-released report puts a number on the inequitable reality in St. Louis: there is roughly a $2,000 difference in spending on individual students between majority Black districts and majority white districts. In an average school of 300 students, this translates to at least $600,000 less annually to invest in key opportunities that will ignite a student’s creativity and potential. Year over year, the SLPS Foundation works to provide funds to help the District bridge that gap. With your support we can strengthen our impact in key areas and prepare for another unprecedented school year in 2020-2021.

Your generous donations enable the St. Louis Public Schools Foundation to improve educational opportunities for all students, making lasting impact in four strategic priority areas:

  1. Early Childhood Education
  2. College and Career Readiness
  3. Student Wellbeing
  4. School Leader Attraction and Retention

In an effort to be a nimble partner to the St. Louis Public School District during the COVID-19 Pandemic, you can also support
our COVID Resiliency Efforts. When you click the donate button above, you will have the option to put “COVID Support” in the notes.


Thank you for your investment in the students of St. Louis. If you have questions or want to know more about our work, email Emily Zevely at

  • Online. Make a secure on-line giftwith your credit card, designating the fund by clicking the button above, and tell us which effort you want to support.
  • Checks. If you prefer to send a check you can mail to Emily Zevely at:

SLPS Foundation
801 N. 11th Street, 3rd Floor,
St. Louis, MO 63101.

If you want your donation to go to a specific priority, please indicate this in the memo, or the funds will be disbursed between the programs.

  • Corporate Matching. Did you know that many companies offer matching gifts for employee’s charitable contributions? Check with your company to see if they offer this incredible benefit. If they do, make sure there is a way to indicate which school you are supporting.
  • Recurring Contributions. The option of giving a recurring, monthly contribution is available through our online platform. By selecting this option, an automatic contribution will be made on the same day each month for the period of time you enter, but you can contact us to cancel the monthly charge at any time.

All gifts to the St. Louis Public Schools Foundation are tax deductible. Our EIN is # 43-1813849




Want to volunteer with the Saint Louis Public Schools? We are always looking for volunteers and offer a range of opportunities, ranging from clerical support to tutoring in the schools. For more information about volunteering within the district, please contact Ryonnel Jackson, Director of Volunteering and Mentoring Services. (314) 345-4577 or


If you want to make a restricted gift to the Foundation for use at a specific school, please contact Donna Woods at Learn more about School Funds here.


  • “We have a tremendously diverse, resourceful and resilient student body. We just strive to give them an equal playing field. We want the same opportunities. The SLPS Foundation exists to bridge the gap that is ever widening between students from different socio-economic classes.”

    Jane Donahue President of SLPS Foundation
  • We want our students to walk into environments that spark imagination and confidence."

    Clarissa Ross SLPS Early Childhood Education Coordinator
  • “If we can put an excellent principal in every one of our schools, we can really accelerate progress.”

    Dr. Kelvin R. Adams Superintendent, St. Louis Public School District
  • “When I first started the program, students segregated themselves by high school, but we’ve come together as a family…we’ve formed study groups, shared advice, and most importantly, passed Calculus!  The Early College Academy has been the highlight of my high school experience.”

    Arric Lucas SLPS graduate
  • “We know our kids come from poverty and violence. Added to the normal stresses of family life these kids deal with unpredictable relocation, audible gunfire, and/or violent crime. They need to learn coping skills to work through the stress and trauma they face everyday, so they can succeed in college and in life.”

    Krista Germann Northwest’s Social Justice Council’s Advisor and Social Studies Teacher
  • “Saint Louis Public Schools’ primary mission is to educate our students………. but we know they need to be healthy to learn.”

    Dr. Kelvin R. Adams Superintendent, St. Louis Public School District
  • “We keep striving to make sure all of our students have the preparation and adult guidance they need to create their own path forward.”

    Dr. Beth Bender Associate Superintendent of College and Career Readiness
  • “We have obviously benefited greatly from the funding that the Innovation Grant has provided to our grant program…  But what I have been pleasantly surprised by during the experience is how valuable the group sessions have been to me as a school leader. I have received outstanding professional development from experts within education as well as professionals outside the field... I have been able to problem solve and strategize with other innovative school leaders in a thoughtful and systematic way.  Our time together during the group sessions is inspiring and motivates me to continue to make positive change for my students in innovative ways.  Participating in the Innovative Grants program has been an incredibly valuable experience on many levels.”

    SLPS Academic Instructional Coach
  • "Colleagues stand in the hallways chatting or even sit at dinner parties talking about what we could do if only we had the money. We're right: we can do so much more with available money. The School Innovation Grant allows you to take an idea about what you could only do and gives you the money to actually do it!”

    SLPS Academic Instructional Coach
  • “One of the strengths of the program is the interaction and support we have received from our colleagues. Ideas are always great and the Foundation funding is giving us the opportunity to make the ideas a reality – but, sometimes you do not get the results you thought that you would and you learn that mistakes can be educational, too.”

    SLPS Principal

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