Public schools are a public good. I believe that all children (and their exhausted, stressed-out parents) should be able to head to the nearest public school and find a place of learning, belonging, love, and abundance. I believe that is possible in St. Louis—in fact, our family has experienced this in our neighborhood public school in Dutchtown.

The recent school closing uproar impelled me to consider running for the school board. My Black-biracial children attend a primarily Black elementary school that was on the long list for closures. Many people had many opinions about the superintendent’s recommendations and the processes SLPS followed to get to those recommendations, but in the opinions and clamor, I heard one single person whose child was actually enrolled in a school the board voted to close. It felt like people talked about us, but they didn’t want to be with us.

I have been an “on-the-ground” “stakeholder” at a “failing” neighborhood school (and I mean test scores in the bottom 5% in the state), and I am ready to lead from that experience.

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