Berges Family Foundation Makes Lead Gift to Bridge Digital Divide

“Technology has been an essential tool during this first quarter of virtual learning. Thanks to donors across the region, SLPS Foundation worked with the District to ensure that every student had the technology and wifi connectivity they needed to succeed. In August, the SLPS Foundation received an unprecedented gift from the Berges Family Foundation of $500,000. Working in partnership with the Regional Business Council, SLPS also attracted additional corporate support including first-time gifts from First Bank and Schnucks. Overall, the District invested approximately $10 M in technology, including over $600,000 in philanthropic funding.

“This generosity came just at the right time and went straight into supporting the learning that is happening across the District this fall,” noted Jane Donahue, President of the SLPS Foundation.

As SLPS completes its first quarter, approximately 20,000 students are logging in daily for learning.  A total of 13,000+ iPads and 4,900+ laptops have been distributed to students for learning; 6,000 families are using SLPS-funded hot spots.  First quarter reading assessments demonstrate that the majority K-6th grade students have grown in reading comprehension since Fall 2019.

On October 19 PreK – 2 students will have the option to return to school in-person. Principals and school staff reached all families and approximately half said they wanted to return in person.”

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