The Boeing Company has provided integral support for the SLPS Foundation’s efforts to ensure that all SLPS schools have strong and effective school leaders.  Recently, Boeing announced its 3rd year of support for programs led by the District’s Talent Strategy and Management Office, which include “pipeline” programs that support emerging school leaders, partnerships with business innovators to promote new and creative problem solving among SLPS staff, as well as efforts to attract and retain top-notch applicants for principal vacancies.

“We are grateful for Boeing’s continued support,” said Jane Donahue, SLPS Foundation President. “Boeing was an early adopter in the District’s new efforts around talent development. We are happy to see a real return on this generous investment.” The first two years of Boeing’s investment have yielded strong results.  Haliday Douglas, Director of the SLPS Office of Talent Strategy and Management, noted that “we are seeing significant growth in our efforts to attract and retain excellent school leaders, which research shows has an enormous effect on student performance and school culture. Additionally, SLPS has created programs that effectively ‘grow our own’ leaders, by providing teachers and other school staff the pathways for training to become school leaders themselves”.  Over the long term, the expectation is that this will ultimately decrease principal turnover, increase principal quality, and decrease the number of principal vacancies experienced each year.  Some of the outcomes produced by Boeing’s investment are:

  • Retention of high quality principals has improved. In 2015/16, only 3 effective principals left the district, as compared to 11 the year before.
  • The quality of the principals who choose to stay in the District has improved.  In 2015/16, only 3 principals had to be dismissed for performance related issues, as compared to 6 the year before.
  • New principals are performing well. 94% of newly hired principals are performing at or above expectations based on annual evaluations.
  • The internal pool for principal candidates is growing. 100% of participants in leadership pipeline programs found the experience valuable, and 90% retention is expected for the 2-3 years after the program.
  • Recruitment processes are becoming more precise. In 2015/16, 60% of applicants were qualified candidates, as compared to only 37% the year before.

Boeing’s support over the coming year will help to improve and further institutionalize the programs and practices that are yielding results.

(pictured above: Jane Donahue, SLPS Foundation President; Danielle Wallis, SLPS Foundation Senior Project Manager; Brittany Douglas, The Boeing Company;  Jeffrey Sweet, The Boeing Company; Amber Hersh, The Boeing Company)

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