In December 2015, Boeing made a significant investment in SLPS Foundation’s efforts to ensure that all schools have strong and effective school leaders.  Funding from Boeing will help to support programs in the District’s Talent Strategy and Management Office including “pipeline” programs that support emerging school leaders.  In addition, the funding will enable the District to recruit high-quality leaders to work in the District. “I consider a school’s leadership team to be one of the most critical factors in student success,” noted Dr. Kelvin Adams, Saint Louis Public Schools Superintendent.  “Boeing’s investment will help us cultivate the best possible leaders for our schools, the ripple effects of strong leadership are profound.  We are very grateful,” said Jane Donahue, SLPS Foundation President

(pictured above with Haliday Douglas, Director of SLPS Office of Talent Strategy and Management along with Brittany Douglas and Jeffrey Sweet of Boeing.)

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