At SLPS, at least 40% of families need access to computers or WiFi to fully participate in virtual learning.  “We don’t want any student to miss valuable learning opportunities,” noted Dr. Kelvin R. Adams, SLPS Superintendent. In March, when it was clear that teaching and learning would be digital for the foreseeable future, the District surveyed families to assess their needs.  Approximately 22% of families needed WiFi access and an additional 40% reported that they needed the technology for online learning. Starting in early April, the Saint Louis Public Schools began to distribute iPads to families, as well as WiFi hotspots. SLPS is striving to provide for all families who request a device, and has approximately 10,000 iPads to distribute, as well as 4,000 hotspots. Thanks to partners including AT & T and Charter for cooperating in the effort, and discounting home WiFi service. In addition, thanks to generous donors, the SLPS Emergency Response Fund has attracted over $100,000 to support this critical initiative.  Click here to fill out the survey and request a device.

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