The SLPS Foundation is also proud to announce Healthy Kids, Healthy Minds, a partnership between the St. Louis Public Schools and BJC/St. Louis Children’s Hospital. The effort is designed to address both the needs for more nurses and school-based therapeutic services within the District. The SLPS Foundation played a key role in launching the effort. For the next five years, four elementary schools (Hodgen, Laclede, Lexington and Woodward) will have access to the following expanded services from BJC:

  • A full-time nurse who will provide holistic health care and health education, school nurse services (medication management, immunization compliance, first aid, screenings, care plan development and implementation).
  • A full-time licensed behavioral health provider (educational support counselor) who will provide mental health services in collaboration with the existing school social worker and/or school counselor. The educational support counselor will provide individual and group counseling to students as well as families, if needed.
  • Trauma-Informed training and ongoing support for all school staff to support a trauma-informed school culture, so that staff are better able to mitigate the effects of trauma and to address the mental health needs of students.
  • Enhanced access to services provided by St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s Healthy Kids Express, including dental, asthma care and screenings, vision and hearing testing.

The partnership is just beginning and we will look forward to sharing progress.

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