First Bank partners with SLPS to launch the Educational Technology Teacher Advisory Committee

Thank you to First Bank for their generous gift to help us launch the new Educational Technology Teacher Advisory Committee!

The Educational Technology Teacher Advisory Committee will function as a diverse panel of key influencers for the Saint Louis Public Schools, with a core focus of educational technology and transformational teaching and learning. The purpose of the Educational Technology Teacher Advisory Committee is to research, develop, design and support district-wide initiatives for Virtual Learning, Blended Learning and Technology Integration, in alignment with the District’s vision, mission, core beliefs and the academic office goals.

The work of the committee, in partnership with the Academic Office, is to create and sustain a culture where PK-12 educators and learners are empowered to use technology in innovative ways to transform teaching and learning. Natasha Mitchell, Director of Virtual Learning, shares “The Educational Technology Advisory Committee will serve as a think tank of educational leaders committed to innovating instruction.” Thank you again to First Bank for their investment to prepare our teachers, leaders, and students for a changing world of education.

Congratulations to our inaugural committee members:

Amy Samm

Azalia Carter

Caleb Smith

Charles Murphy

Dr. Sebastian Babalot

Jana Flynn

Julie Elking

Katie Noelle

Kaylyn Breitbach

Lani Reeder

Laura Link

Marla Finley

Maye Bryant

Pam Herendeen

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