On June 27th, the Saint Louis Public Schools Special Administrative Board (SAB) will preside over its last board meeting and governing authority will be transitioned to the 7-member elected board.  The meeting will also be a moment to honor the accomplishments of the SAB who have served since 2007.   Accomplishments include: leading the District to regain accreditation, achieving fiscal stability and making academic gains. “I calculated how many meetings the SAB has led, and in terms of just days and hours, the SAB board members dedicated more than 1.5 years of time to this work. They all have businesses and families, but they made this a priority,” commented Superintendent Dr. Kelvin Adams.

Dr. Adams also noted that the the seven members of the elected board are “well prepared” for their new role.  The elected board has participated in over 50 hours of intense training over the past year, held mock meetings with district officials and are being mentored by the Missouri School Boards Association as well as the National School Boards Association. They’ve also crafted a code of ethics and norms which they are committed to following as they navigate tough decisions. “We are a group of parents, grandparents, and City residents dedicated to the success of SLPS,” noted Board Chair Dorothy Rohde-Collins.

Dr. Adams has provided some thoughtful recommendations and reflections on the path forward.  Read a candid interview here.

In a St. Louis Post Dispatch Op-Ed he concluded: “If St. Louis is to thrive as a city, we are going to need to continue efforts to build an excellent school system. That will only occur with everyone working together. As our elected board prepares to serve, there is no better time for that than now.”


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