SLPS Foundation Supports the Launch of a New School Model. On January 17th, the school board approved of a plan for two schools:  Ashland and Meramec Elementary schools to become the first in the District’s Consortium Partnership Network. “This new model gives more decision-making power to schools and families. We hope that these two elementary schools will be able to make significant progress under this new model,” noted Superintendent Dr. Kelvin R. Adams.  Historically, these schools have struggled.  “We’ve tried a range of methods to turn around our most academically challenged schools.  While those efforts have worked for some schools, they haven’t for all.”  In this approach, schools leadership teams will have the flexibility and autonomy to design their own school schedule, curriculum approach and community engagement strategies. A newly-created nonprofit will govern the schools, and is accountable to the school board. The SLPS Foundation, thanks to a generous start-up grant, is supporting the launch costs of this effort. “Anything that gives educators more capacity to decide and implement what’s best for students is appealing to us,” explains Jane Donahue, SLPS Foundation president. “We applaud the District for making the bold decision to try a new way, and we look forward to supporting educators, students and their families in their efforts to design a school that works best for them.” For Dr. Adams’ presentation on the Consortium Partnership Network, click here. For research showing effectiveness (and the challenges) of this approach, click here.

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