The lawsuit filed by Liddell/Caldwell plaintiff classes, the NAACP and the SLPS Special Administrative Board regarding the use of sales tax funds has been a topic of many recent news articles and community conversations.

“The conversation has given the Foundation an opportunity to reflect on its mission and purpose,” noted Val Bell, SLPS Foundation Board Chair.  “We are 100% focused on educational equity, and ensuring that all SLPS students have access to the best possible education.”  Jane Donahue, President of SLPS Foundation added, “Our core responsibility is to help the District implement its Transformation Plan and we are proud to use donors’ contributions ONLY for that purpose.”

The current lawsuit represents a near decade-long disagreement which began in 2008 when SLPS first questioned the State on what it interpreted as improper diversion of revenue from the Desegregation Sales Tax to support charter schools.

At the SLPS Foundation, we are focused solely on ensuring that donor contributions are used to advance the District’s Transformation Plan, and that students have access to the resources they need to succeed.  The SLPS Foundation is not involved in the lawsuit, nor does it provide financial support for the lawsuit.

Click here to view guiding principles adopted by the SLPS Foundation Board of Directors in response to this litigation.

At its core, the SLPS Foundation is about building an educated citizenry.  To that end, we thought it would be useful to make available some contextual materials regarding the case:


Media Coverage:

We hope for a civil conversation that keeps students’ interests and the original intent of the desegregation settlement in the forefront.

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