Jump Start on College. Nearly 70 graduating seniors from SLPS high schools across the district are getting an early taste of college life this spring. Two days each week, the seniors report to Harris Stowe University for classes in math, English, as well as some electives. While SLPS is covering the cost of dual enrollment, the SLPS Foundation is funding a peer mentoring component of the work. Current Harris Stowe students who successfully completed the Jump Start program last year will mentor small teams of students to ensure that they can navigate college campus and life. “Jump Start is for students who are still unsure about what their next steps after high school might be. We want them to experience what college expectations will be like and to see themselves as college material,” explained Ryonnel Jackson, Director of SLPS Volunteer and Mentoring Services. Jackson is on the team of District leader mentors who are dedicated to ensuring equitable dual enrollment opportunities for all students at SLPS.

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