The Roadmap to​ Trauma-Informed Programming

Recently, in partnership with the SLPS Foundation, St. Louis Public Schools launched their new Trauma Informed School Community cohort in 12 different schools. This programming will provide educators with the concrete tools to assist youth impacted by trauma, and help them model a trauma-informed mindset to students, staff, families, and other building stakeholders. Trauma teams at each school will work together to create school-specific programming based on student and staff needs.

The participating schools include: Ashland, Carr Lane, AESM @ LOuverture, Hamilton, Herzog, Hickey, Hodgen, Laclede, Nance, Peabody, Vashon and Wilkinson.

Being trauma informed requires the entire building to participate in the process, from school leaders to caregivers at home. Everyone plays a role. School leaders will identify and communicate a vision for their building while also providing oversight and hold parties accountable to their roles and assigned tasks throughout the implementation of trauma-informed programming. Trauma teams will lead the implementation of trauma-informed programming through activities like parent education and professional development facilitation.

Trauma-informed programming can also be integrated into other programming and initiatives within the school (project-based learning, growth mindset, positive behavior in schools (PBIS)). We are committed to student well being and excited to see how this new cohort transforms the schools in our district!

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