Why Support

The SLPS Foundation

Your donation to the St. Louis Public Schools Foundation is an investment in the future of St. Louis.


“An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” — Thomas Jefferson

If St. Louis is to prosper, so must its civic institutions. St. Louis has many jewels: a championship baseball team, renowned universities and rich cultural attractions. A strong public school system is as important. Just as we are fervent fans of our sports teams, we must also be big champions of the students of Saint Louis Public Schools.
The future vitality of St. Louis—indeed the prosperity of individuals living and working in the St. Louis region—depends on a fundamental commitment to education as a top community priority. To ensure that St. Louis remains globally competitive, the region requires a strong and well-educated workforce as its core.

“Even if we are not parents or students in the St. Louis Public Schools, we all have a role to play in accelerating the success of the St. Louis Public Schools system. “–Rich McClure, former co-chair, Forward through Ferguson

The St. Louis public schools foundation supports critical needs that would otherwise be unfunded in the district’s budget.


The Return on Your Investment Is Clear

  • Improved education and employment stability greatly increases tax revenue; for every dollar invested in pre-kindergarten education, there is at minimum a $7 rate of return.
  • Mortality decreases for every additional year in schooling by 7.2% for men and 6% for women; and the chances of optimum health is up to 5 times higher for citizens with eighteen years of education versus only seven.
  • Graduating from high school improves health, reduces dependence on public health programs by 60 percent, and cuts the rate of alcohol abuse by six times.
  • National savings in public health costs would exceed $40 billion each year if every high school dropout graduated. Average annual public health costs are $2,700 per dropout, $1,000 per high school graduate, and $170 per college graduate.
  • A 1-year increase in median education level is associated with more than a 13% jump in political primary turnout.

District Highlights

96% of four-year old’s get promoted from SLPS Pre-K Ready

The five-year retention rate of SLPS school leaders is 66%

Over 90% of the newly-hired principals are showing academic growth in their schools’ reading scores.

80% of SLPS high schools offer ACT preparation classes

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