The SLPS Foundation has been working alongside the District since 1997 to ensure students have equitable access to the resources they need to pursue their dreams and aspirations.
College Specialists, funded by the Foundation, make a huge difference for first-generation college goers with the guidance they and their families need to pave their future paths.
It costs $2,500 per year to support one student in school-based therapy. These therapists help students dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, COVID-19, and more.
It costs $1,000 a month, or $12,000 a year to send just one young child through our outstanding early childhood education classes, setting them on a vastly different life trajectory.
Principal quality accounts for 10–25% of a school’s academic achievement. There are 68 schools across the District, totaling over 150 school leaders.
Over 11,000+ devices AND 6,000+ hotspots have been purchased to ensure each child can engage in learning from wherever they are.

St. Louis Public Schools Foundation

St. Louis Public Schools Foundation is the District’s strategy partner with the unique mission of dedicating 100% of its funds and efforts to students within SLPS. The Foundation works closely with the Saint Louis Public Schools Superintendent, district leadership and schools to ensure that the community’s resources support District priorities.

What We Do

We Champion the District’s Strategic Priorities:

We work closely with Dr. Adams, Superintendent to raise funds and implement programs in four strategic priority areas.

We Leverage Resources from Nonprofit Partners

We build collaborations with the District’s department of Institutional Advancement and nonprofit organizations to ensure the best outcomes for children in the District.

We Advocate

We encourage all citizens to stay informed and advocate on behalf of children, especially low-income children in the City of St. Louis.

We Manage School Funds

We serve as a steward of more than 200 restricted funds established by private donors. Funds are frequently designated for specific schools by donors who want to support programs and services at a school.

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